New on my site: Recommendations

Hello lovelies!

In my quest for perfection, I always look for ways to make my website shinier. This time, I had a look at representative book table plugins, because stuffing my books into a neverending list of paragraphs was boring and not very pretty. I found a nice one quickly, and of course, I got immersed in doing everything with it.

This is how my new Recommendations page came to be. The best things come to light on the road of late-night-boredom 😀

I’ve already started adding my favorite books both gay romance and other fiction to the page. Check them out!

Disclaimer: I don’t get anything for adding the books and I don’t get a thing for you buying them. I just want to spread the love I feel for those stories.
Also, don’t judge! Some of those books are on the upper level of strange, but that’s exactly why I love them so ;D

I have got a few more things going on with my works in progress, but those deserve their own post on another day. Stay tuned!