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    WiP: A Toy Called Envy

    Hello dearies!As promised, I’ve started one of my usual two next projects, and this one is a vampire story! Yay! I’ve been tinkering with a scene for close to an hour now, and I’m finally happy with it. Which is why you’re being spoilered!Some of you might even recognize the name “Envy” from my short piece, “The Warlock from South Side”, and yes, it’s one and the same person.But let’s start this: Our protagonist, Envy, has just had a run-in with unsavory characters while on assignment for his vampiric master, Siccu.

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    Release Date for Moonrise!

    I’m so happy to announce the release of “Moonrise” on 09/20/18! I was a little worried about this novel, mostly because it’s the first one I finished without the help of my dear GayAuthors family, but thanks to the sudden explosion of newsletter subscribers, I now can’t wait to see it out there!I will post the Books2Read link as soon as Moonrise is published! A P.S. for all aspiring authors: 16 months and 3 weeks. That’s how long it took me to finish my third novel, which is funny in a way. The first draft took 3 months, which–as those who know me can attest–is as close to lightspeed as…