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Website Update: Progress Bars

Hello my lovelies!

My website is almost done, except for a few gimmicks, features, and of course, a lot of novels I have yet to write. I’m a sucker for visual displays, especially when I need to motivate myself, so I added a new feature that will keep me going through the long winter months:

A progress bar!

A Boy Called Envy (Babylon City #3) 4%
Writings on the Wall (Babylon City #4) 4%
Kinks with Benefits 35%
Strigoi (Babylon City #2) 50%

As you can see, I’ve added my most recent projects to a new box you can find on my blog page and to the right. I will do my best to keep it updated, but please don’t worry if those bars don’t seem to move – I’m very hard on myself and those bars will stand still a lot as long as I’m still writing the draft. I’ve chosen the following thresholds:

  • 10% means, plot planning is done.
  • 40% means, first draft is done.
  • 50% means, re-writes are done.
  • 60% means, I’ve done covers, blurbs, and promo pictures. (yes, those come before editing, because reasons)
  • 80% means, rough edits (grammar, scene consistency, flow) are done.
  • 90% means, I’ve gone through it with a fine-toothed comb and I’m ready to throw it at innocent beta readers
  • 99% means, ARC readers are getting bombarded with the story, and you’ll probably find it on Instafreebie/Prolific Works.
  • Aaaaand we all know what 100% means!

Each time I reach one of those milestones with a project, I will of course blog about it and keep you up to date. Still, I hope you’ll enjoy the overview as much as I do!

Stay tuned for more to come. And for those exciting milestones!


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