Manastorm Snippet: The Right Encouragement

I may have mentioned this already, but once or twice is never enough. I’ve taken it upon myself to write a book series and I’m in the middle of writing book one. I thought it would be finished at about 90-100k, but alas, I will most likely be wrong about that. At the moment, it looks like this book will probably cash in somewhere around 150k, so yay, this will take forever!

Admittedly, I have a hard time not throwing bits and pieces of the story at random passers-by, but I managed to contain myself so far. Not any longer though.

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I’ve never done physical promo before. No key chain bling, no bookmarks, no mugs, nothing. But then Juan J. Padron made this oh so sexy book cover for “Manastorm”, and suddenly the kid gloves had to go.
Meaning I couldn’t resist. I know it’s too soon, but I just had to. 😀

Postcard because why not!