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Back to the basics (PS: New ongoing story!)

I’m feeling nostalgic, so bear with me, because I’ve started something old/new. Or don’t, scroll down, and click the link below if you’re feeling antsy!

When I started writing on Literotica and GayAuthors, I posted my stories chapter-wise until the whole thing was finished. Since then, I’ve tried to do the whole “write everything, edit, then publish”-spiel, but I’m not quite sure if it’s working out for me. I miss the feedback, the glee of good chapter endings that make people keep reading, and that feeling of accomplishment that usually follows publishing something. Even if it’s just one tiny chapter.

At this moment, I’m sitting in between, eh, I think five? Yes, five drafts, doodling here, writing there, and not feeling quite as motivated. I don’t like stringing people along and making them wait as I hack out words quietly, so I’ll try going back to my roots. No, not publishing on Literotica, because dang, piracy is an artform there, but publishing chapter-wise until the whole thing is almost done. (No last chapters, sorry. I’ve learned this the hard way.) And when it’s done, I’ll take the story down on this website and throw it at the world as a whole. This is my plan. And you’re my guinea pigs.

To start this off, I’ll post my most recent WiP (work in progress) one chapter at a time until I’m done. You can find the main link on my “Appetizers!”-page under Vignettes; just click and choose the chapter you want to read, I tried to make navigating it as easy as possible.

Please consider commenting if you like it, or if you don’t – I live for feedback!

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