Strigoi: Chapters 6 and 7 (oops)

Ah, my dearies, I’m sorry for not posting about the new chapter last Saturday! Chapter 6 went public and also unnoticed because I gave myself a few days off and forgot to schedule a post heralding its arrival.

In “Out of the Dark”, we finally get to meet our third protagonist, the ghastly beast. This chapter is written from his point of view and will shed a bit of light on how he ended up in that silver coffin and why there were thralls with machine guns in the first place.

Read it here:

And since I’ve missed my deadline, you get another chapter too: The Curious Case of the Sizzling Vampire, where Gideon learns that monsters- like moths- are drawn to street lights and the wonders of modern technology. And that the hunt isn’t quite over yet.



Strigoi Chapter 5: The Silver Coffin

Hello my dearies!

It’s Saturday uh-gain, which means you get to read another chapter of “Strigoi”. Yay!
Aschure and Gideon have just entered the abandoned hospital and met their, ahem, host. You might wonder why there are thralls with machine guns in a ruin with nothing of value in it, but fear not! The answer to this question will become clear(er) today.
And because I’m the master of long-winded introductions, you will finally meet the third protagonist. Upholding archaic traditions, he is charmingly unpleasant and not quite of the dating material persuasion, but that has never stopped anyone, right? Teeheehee.
Let’s jump right into it then, yes? Here you go:

Oh, PS:
I’m in the process of re-doing all my Babylon City Chronicles covers to give them a more uniform look. This will go hand in hand with a bit (okay, a lot) of editing work on “Shapeshifter”. I will still stay wide with this book because reasons, but since there is no need to read the chronicles in any particular order, this shouldn’t be too much of a problem.