About the Author

Isn’t romance nice? Two people in love, pining for each other, wanting to be together and have this perfect happiness everyone longs for. 
But what about those people who don’t fit into this tailored love-suit? What about the angry, the poor, the assholes, the addicts, the not so Robin-Hood-esque criminals? What about love that doesn’t make you just sigh happily, smile and forget about it as you move on to the next story? What about the stranger kinds of happy ends, the ones that make you grin, shake your head and go “huh” inside?

I like those better.

I am an avid reader, reviewer and writer of all things paranormal, dark or futuristic, but gay romance is my first and most gripping passion. I love the unloved, the bleak and the broken and strive to tell their stories through my works, which often end up hybrids of different genres with a hefty dose of steam and darkness.

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