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The index

Please keep an eye out for these symbols, if you know what you’re looking for:

  • 🗡 Ruffians inside! – either the protagonists, or antagonists, or both, have an actively violent or dangerous background. This story contains multiple brutal, violent or similarly harsh scenes.
  • 🐾  Sexy beasts! – one or both of the protagonists are were-creatures, vampires, aliens, or otherwise non-human.
  • 🍷 Soft and sensual! – this story contains true romance, little violence and a lot of love and feelings.
  • 🍌 Merciless kink! – bondage, dominance and submission, rough sex, toys, … you name it, it’s in there somewhere.
  • 🌃 Babylon Baby! – this story is set in the Babylon City universe and might contain spin-offs from my main series.

Wattpad Story of the Month

Luke was never very good at keeping a job, but his knack for landing on his feet always kept him out of trouble. No lucky streak goes on forever, though. When Luke loses his job as a bike courier and suddenly finds himself evicted from his flat, he is sure that this will be nothing more than a temporary thing. And how hard could being homeless for a few nights be, really? Not just hard, but dangerous as well, as it turns out. If it weren’t for Roach, a no-nonsense, gruff and altogether heartless ghost from his past, he wouldn’t have survived the first night. Roach is rude, cold, abrupt, and utterly sexy, but also not someone approached on a whim. A poised cobra would be a more inviting sight than Roach’s piercing glare, but Luke is nothing if not persistent. And now that he is a guest in the piercer’s home, he finds himself very much in need of his host’s special kind of attention.


Short Stories