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    Minimalism, or “it only hurts the first time”

    The first time I heard about minimalism, I’d just been diagnosed with Cyclothymia. After a long, long period of increasing exhaustion, listlessness, and lack of concentration, I finally got myself to go to a psychiatrist, who proceeded to send me to three other doctors just to make sure it wasn’t something else. Everything came back negative, including a near perfect haemogram.In the end, my doc gave me pills that really helped, but pills aren’t enough if you’re a mess in all other branches of your life. There are different versions of depression. After the initial shock, I realized I needed to have a good, hard look at how I was…

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    Website Update: Progress Bars

    Hello my lovelies! My website is almost done, except for a few gimmicks, features, and of course, a lot of novels I have yet to write. I’m a sucker for visual displays, especially when I need to motivate myself, so I added a new feature that will keep me going through the long winter months: A progress bar! As you can see, I’ve added my most recent projects to a new box you can find on my blog page and to the right. I will do my best to keep it updated, but please don’t worry if those bars don’t seem to move – I’m very hard on myself and…

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    Almost done with setup!

    Whew, what a busy day, but the website is as good as done! All my pages are where they should be, I’ve transferred the appetizers, installed all the nifty plugins I so dearly craved, and I’m in the process of changing my website mentions on the gazillion of pages I’m registered at. The page now bleats a cookie-warning at you (yay cookie popups!) and I’ve added my Goodreads “Read”-stream. And because I’m obsessive, I’ve translated all of my pages into German and added what I wanted most: A translation plugin that allows you to switch to German at will! Cool, isn’t it? Isn’t it? *crickets chirping* Okay, so not that…

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    Welcome to my new site!

    I’m glad you found me! This is the second time I switch URLs and websites, but it’s for a good cause, promise. This new site offers loads of gadgets and gimmicks for both you and me and makes it way easier for you to contact me and for me to give you content you actually want, instead of just posts and pages I tinkered in with more effort than necessary. If you have already visited my blog, Hannah’s Hangout, you’ll notice that I merged most of the content over here. If you’re new here, please feel free to browse, but bear in mind that I am still in the process…