The Warlock From The South Side (Babylon City Shorts #1)

A Babylon City Chronicles Short Story

Book Cover: The Warlock From The South Side (Babylon City Shorts #1)
Part of the Babylon City Shorts series:
  • The Warlock From The South Side (Babylon City Shorts #1)
Editions:Kindle - First Edition: € 1,99
Pages: 24

Alaric Creutz is a warlock in a bind; with All Hallows Eve around the corner, all bets—and all hope of self-restraint—are off. The Dark, his innate demonic power, has been building up way too long. With the looming pressure of Halloween breathing down his neck, Alaric needs to vent. Quickly.
Unfortunately, there aren’t a lot of ways to rid himself of what could become an epic clusterfuck in his near future: He may have a choice, but it’s only between a good romp in the sheets, or a bout of cataclysmic violence.
Were it not for vampires, werewolves, and a very pushy raven shifter, venting would be an easy thing. With things being as they are, though, Alaric is in for quite a ride.


[Contains: First person narrative, a lot of foul language, descriptive violence, m/m steaminess, a touch of dub-con]

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